Triumph Bonneville Motorcycle Vintage 1959

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Super awesome Triumph 1959

The Bonneville T120 was Edward Turner\’s ...

Super awesome Triumph 1959

The Bonneville T120 was Edward Turner\’s last production design at Triumph[2] (in retirement Turner designed the Triumph Bandit/BSA Fury which did not pass the prototype stage before BSA went under[3]).

The new motorcycle was conceived and developed so quickly that it was not included in the 1959 Triumph catalogue.[4] With a 649 cc (39.6 in3) parallel-twin (two-cylinder) engine the T120 was based on the Triumph Tiger T110 and was fitted with the Tiger\’s optional twin 1 3/16 in Amal monobloc carburettors as standard, along with that model\’s high-performance inlet camshaft.[1] Launched in 1959 by Triumph as \The Best Motorcycle in the World\, the Bonneville T120 was aimed mainly at the lucrative US market where enthusiasts were demanding extra performance.[5]

Initially produced with a pre-unit construction engine which enabled the bike to achieve 115 mph (185 km/h) without further modification, the power tended to induce high speed wobbles from the single downtube frame,[1] so in 1963 a stiffer and more compact unit construction model was introduced, with additional bracing at the steering head and swinging arm.[1] The steering angle was altered and improved forks were fitted a couple of years later, which, together with the increased stiffness enabled overall performance to match that of the Bonneville\’s rivals.[6]

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